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Custom Artwork

Vietnam monument MissouriWhile Wommack Monument Company has literally hundreds of stock designs in our catalog, your choices are not limited even to this selection. We have the capability to create a memorial in virtually any size and shape you can imagine, and our artists are equipped to create custom designs with amazing realism and detail. Such designs often include portrait renderings of the loved one, or pictures suggesting their favorite places and things. The best way to remember a unique life is with a unique memorial.


Guarantee Every Wommack memorial is guaranteed, in writing, to last indefinitely. In fact, our guarantee is still protecting the first monuments we installed at our beginnings in 1954, and this will continue to be the case as long as Wommack Monument Company is in business. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with one of the finest and most comprehensive guarantees available. When you choose the Wommack family to complete your memorial, you will receive the following written warranty right on your copy of the order: Wommack Monument Company agrees to repair or replace (at its discretion) free of charge to the buyer the items described in this order if any material or workmanship completed by the company is found to be defective. The following conditions are not considered to be defects and are excluded: Stain, natural aging, fading of artificial coloring, natural deterioration of exposed concrete and damage or deterioration caused by any act or omission beyond the company’s control including but not limited to damage resulting from windstorm, tornado, flood or other acts of nature or from vandalism.

Custom Designs

With near photo-realistic quality, imagination is the only limit to what can be accomplished with custom laser etching. Among the examples below you will find included some civic memorial projects on which we were privileged to work. These larger projects serve to illustrate the level of unique detail that can be achieved on any custom laser etching job.

Porcelain Images

We offer vases with many choices for color and design. Pictured are a few examples.